Escape games by "Locked In A Room " in Bristol

Very few activities immerse you in a world where you think of nothing except the task at hand. Locked In A Room does. It’s unique, it’s fantastic fun, it’s challenging, it’s pure escapism. You may be surprised on how well you automatically pull together in a unified team in unlocking the key to escape!

An unforgettable live escape room Bristol experience. Locked In A Room – Bristol is ideal for large or small groups of friends looking to experience something completely different, as a unique gift, corporate events, team building, B2B client entertainment and birthday parties.

What makes us different?

We are the only escape venue in Europe that can enable a large group (up to 44 players) to race against each other simultaneously. This considerably adds to the pressure, excitement and adrenaline rush, as if it wasn’t tense enough already!

We have made a HUGE effort to theme the venue throughout, so much so that we have been approached by both music and television companies to use our facilities as a backdrop. Our props are original wherever possible from the floor to the ceiling, perfect for setting that eerie scene…

Other features include live CCTV installed in the “Exit room” to allow the faster teams to watch the remaining teams attempt their escape and all set in a beautiful listed building seconds away from the harbourside’s restaurants, bars and Hippodrome.

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