The Insider's Guide to London Escape Games

The Insider's Guide to London Escape Games

While London has a lot of catching up to do, it has other wonderful places to explore besides the usual tourist spots of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Here are a selection of exit games in London that will hopefully inspire you.

What life escape games are worth attending in London?

Of course, the choice of escape games depends on the personal preferences of players, but there are games that are most popular.

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clueQuest is one of the oldest escape games in London, and the interesting backstory is probably their biggest strength. clueQuest seems to realise how important all the tiniest details are to making a complete experience. You get the chance to prove your skills to Mr Q, become his agent and stop Professor BlackSheep from succeeding in his mission to rule the World. clueQuest has two puzzles to solve, both of which allow racing between teams – PLAN52 (redbox) and Operation BlackSheep (satellite). Exit Game Revenge of the Sheep clueQuest's newest mission was released on 24th March 2016. Join the battle in a team of 3 to 5 people against Professor BlackSheep and his vicious SheepMutator on Mr Q's side!

HintHunt is like ‘The Crystal Maze’ meets ‘LA Confidential’. London’s original escape game is a solid combination of thinking, scrabbling and storyline that will have you so determined to win that you’ll find yourself trying to fish non-existent keys out of hot lamps. HintHunt has 5 escape rooms at the moment. There are 3 identical puzzles of a detective challenge called “JM’s Office”, plus 2 identical "Zen Rooms" with a Japanese flavour. There are some very inventive puzzles along the way, and the mounting urgency – which will have your team bouncing around the room like bees in a jar by the end – only makes the conclusion even sweeter.

Enigma Escape presents escape games that are designed around unique storylines with beginnings, middles and multiple endings called destinies. As soon as you step into the front door, the story will begin. "The Killer" is pleasingly physical – you won't need muscle or anything but it's fun to be solving puzzles by actually doing things rather than just thinking really hard – and the plot makes complete sense (in a 'True Detective' season one sort of way, at least). Complete beginners might find themselves falling at more hurdles than advanced players, but thanks to some shocking reveals and an impressive attention to detail any team of 2 to 5 people will race through their hour in Enigma Escape.

How to choose life exit games in London?

Thanks to search engine Quest Adviser it’s easy! Our directory of escape games in London is a very comfortable service that allow you to choose the room for any taste. Select the genre you love – from Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy to Mystery, History, Crime, Horror etc. Filter the results by age, number of players, money available, language, or company. If you are a beginner we recommend you to read some tips how to play escape games! Enjoy!



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