Escape games by "Archimedes Inspiration" in London

“Every magnificent achievement in human history started with an idea heard, shared and congratulated.”

From Archimedes to Newton, from da Vinci to Einstein. All great minds share common traits: an insatiable curiosity, the drive to question the norm and the ability to inspire the world through their work and outside the box thinking.

At Archimedes Inspiration we aim to achieve just that. We believe that inspiration can come from anyone, anywhere and anytime. Through our live room escapes we challenge you to view and engage with your surroundings with more curiosity and wonder. If you haven’t heard about it yet, real-life escape games are the latest entertainment activity in Europe!

We have all heard about Archimedes’ discoveries and how his work and contributions, in particular the approximation of Pi (π), still underpin our daily lives. Amongst many of his legendary stories, the most popular one is the Eureka! moment, where he discovered a method to measure the density of an irregularly shaped crown while taking a bath.

Sometimes the answers we are looking for come to us in the most unexpected places and ways. All we need is a little curiosity and a different perspective to see the potential that lies beyond the surface.

We believe that creativity and innovation can be displayed in all kinds of forms and originate from anyone, anywhere and anytime (even while taking a bath). Through our escape rooms, we encourage you to challenge conventional thinking and view the world with more curiosity, open-mindedness and wonder.

Inspired by Archimedes of Syracuse’s achievements and driven by our passion for live room escapes, we collaborate with distinctive room escape boutiques worldwide to bring you their best and unique themes. We aim to promote the industry and give everyone a chance to experience their Eureka! moment.

Archimedes Inspiration believes that inspiration is the key to unlock the door of opportunity and through our products and services, we hope “to inspire and to be inspired” by others in the same way as the great Archimedes of Syracuse inspired us.

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