Escape games by "Enigma Quests" in London

The new entertainment activity, commonly known as Live Escape Games or Escape Rooms, has been gaining huge popularity in the UK recently, having more than 50 locations open at present.

We create experiences for those seeking to live out the life of an adventurer, explore new worlds and face challenges that will test their courage, quick thinking and creativity.

In every quest, a team of 3-5 is given a mission that they will have to complete within 60 minutes, step by step, clue by clue, using their logic, imagination and common sense.

Along your journey, your team will have to solve mysteries and encounter obstacles. This game provides you with the thrill of challenge, time pressure and a great teamwork experience for a group of friends, family or colleagues.

Huge part of our Quests is solving variety of puzzles aimed at exercising different parts of brain. However we also believe that there must be a story behind every game - this is why you are embarking on a Quest in the first place.

As well as creating totally immersive surroundings and appropriate atmosphere, we assign you a mission, which is bigger than solely escaping the room. The main reason behind launching Enigma Quests was that after playing existing games in London, we realised there is huge room for improvement. Therefore, we always seek to push the boundaries of the game, developing new ideas and adapting interesting concepts in our Quests. We constantly strive to improve, and are always grateful for advice and suggestions that come our way.

Our customers are our priority and we want you to feel welcome in our site. You can always hang out in our Lounge before or after playing, and our GameMasters will always be happy to chat about the rooms or recommend other places worth visiting.

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