Escape games by "London Street Games" in London

London Street Games is all about having fun on the streets of London. We have oodles of ideas for treasure hunts and other clue-based games which are suitable for groups looking for something active and a bit different. We've also got lots of suggestions for work groups who need to get outside for a bit of team building and bonding.

Hen and stag party organisers will find our affordable personalised challenges huge fun and fabulous for getting to know each other before the big day. We can tailor a romantic treasure hunt for two, organise immersive adventures for two or more people, or arrange something for hundreds of teams all competing for prizes in a race round London or its suburbs. What we can deliver is only limited by your budget and our imagination! The clues are all around you - come and play outside on London's streets soon!

We've solved it!

No stress, ready-to-play team games for you in London. Our fixed-location clue hunts in Covent Garden and Spitalfields are great for limited budgets. At only £125 for a 6-team pack, you will have everything you need for up to 36 people to get on the case. Hosted version available from £325.

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