Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Enough with the socks and perfume. This Christmas, it's time for something different: Fun with the family! Real life escape games are a great way to spend a wonderful 60 min with your loved. If you think you're ready to track down clues in the rooms using logic and teamwork in a race against the clock, you should gather some friends and enjoy escape rooms this winter holiday!

We would like to present you life escape games that give the feeling of presence in a fairy tale and anticipation of Christmas miracle:

1. Exit Game in Moscow Santa’s Factory by Claustrophobia gives you a chance to work in a real Christmas tale as an assistant of Santa. But the house of Santa is suddenly empty, and the host has disappeared. Presents are not ready and Christmas party is under a threat! Help!

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2. Feel Christmas atmosphere at Santa’s cozy city lodge where he stays while being in Helsinki. But don’t get too relaxed! You have to save Christmas! The thing is Santa has already left for Lapland but he has dropped his Magic Key somewhere in the Lodge. He needs it to deliver the presents. Childrens’ joy of Christmas is at stake! (It's a mini quest and is also perfect for the first time). Welcome to escape game in Helsinki Save Christmas! by Imaginary Friends.

3. Escape games in London by clueQuest are perfect for the whole family and connected between each other:

In exit game PLAN52 (red box) you get the chance to prove your skills to Mr Q by identifying a double agent. Be prepared for everything!

Operation BlackSheep (satellite) is a mission where you have to stop the Professor from succeeding with his evil plan: to overtake the whole world, and control (wo)mankind forever.

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4. Have you ever dreamed to be lost and trapped inside a fairytale? Exit Now presents in Athens the exit game Once upon a time, where you are locked with your friends inside a unique room of a little boy. His dream has always been to live in the world of his beloved story and become the prince of his own fairytale!

5. Do you love challenge and adventure? Go to Budapest to the escape game Roaming Room by Key Question. Now you will have the opportunity to travel across the globe over land, sea and air, all while racing against the clock. The unique setting of the game will create the appropriate illusion of travelling!

Give your loved ones an adventure and maybe it’ll become a lovely tradition of your family!



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