Escape Game Jailbreak, QuestRoom. London.
Escape Game Jailbreak, QuestRoom. London.
Escape Game Jailbreak, QuestRoom. London.

Escape Game Jailbreak

Players 2—5 players
Age Age restriction 9+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 60—80 £ per team

About the game Jailbreak

You are sealed in a cell. There is no way out. As you look around, you notice that scattered around you is evidence that others have been here before. They must have escaped! But how? Looking closer, there are clues which will lead you back to the outside world.

You have 60 minutes.

Spend that time wisely. Every inch of the cell can be concealing a step to escape, and you and your fellow inmates need to use your different abilities and talents together.

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Address escape game Jailbreak

London, 136 High Road, Willesden, London NW10 2PJ
0(44)759 ... Show phone number

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