Escape Game Undercover, Fire Hazard Games. London.
Escape Game Undercover, Fire Hazard Games. London.
Escape Game Undercover, Fire Hazard Games. London.

Escape Game Undercover

Players 1—20 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 90 min. to complete
Price 20—25 £ per player

About the game Undercover

Before the internet, spies traded secrets with carefully orchestrated handovers, whispered messages and hidden 'dead drops'. You'll jump into that world for two hours, evading undercover surveillance to carry out a series of missions in the heart of the city.

This is a battle of wits. You'll be head-to-head against rival spies, and your choices, your mistakes, and your moments of brilliance will have real impact. If you've ever wondered if you could make it as a real covert operative.. now's your chance to find out.

For two hours (or 90 minutes at our Fringe events) you'll be assigned a series of covert missions - collecting dossiers from others (given a photo and a meeting point), placing and retrieving hidden objects, or following other teams. You won't know for sure who's playing, unless they make a mistake, and the most important thing you can do is blend in.

This is a game of pure stealth, thought, and deception. Running will get you spotted instantly. Bring disguises. Think tactically. Find other routes. Keep your eyes open. Above all, blend into the crowd.

Bring a (charged!) smartphone with a data plan. (If you don't have one, drop us an email - we have spares). You'll be receiving instructions, confirming missions and uploading photos. You might find it useful to have a nondescript bag, and perhaps a jacket, hat, or scarf to change your appearance..

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Address escape game Undercover

London, Leicester Square
+44 20 3 ... Show phone number

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