LARP-game Prison, CoLab Theatre. London.
LARP-game Prison, CoLab Theatre. London.
LARP-game Prison, CoLab Theatre. London.

LARP game Prison

Age Age restriction 12+

About the game Prison

Prison is an evening spent behind bars. 

Experience what it's like to enter a Prison - experience the life, food and stories that exist behind bars.

This sensory experience lets you share a cell with an inmate, share stories and allow them to take you on the journey of their life.

Using the stories of current and ex offenders from completely different backgrounds, join us as we delve into the minds of criminals.

Prisons are not talked about yet fascinate everyone. Prisons hold people with the most interesting stories in the country so why shy away from it. This one on one piece finally lets you explore the realities of prison and the people within them.

We are currently researching the project, visiting many prisons within London and will have the project up  and running by early 2017.

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