Escape games by "Lockin Escape Game" in Manchester

Welcome to Lockin Escape Game

A place where the fantasy world appears before your eyes. From the moment you step in, you’ll be transported to a universe of your wildest imagination. There are endless possibilities when you choose to explore the world of Lockin, where you can display your talents and artistry in many ways. Lockin Escape Game is the ultimate playground for you to battle and conquer our Game Master. Unleash the hidden skills from within and rise to the challenge!

LOCKIN for 60 minutes…

Players will be locked in one of our theme rooms. The theme room will be locked and the players have 60 minutes to crack the puzzles and gather clues using their intelligence, logical thinking and observation skills to make their way out! All game clues and challenges will be provided in simple English.

Decorated themes

The rooms are all decorated to the theme to lead players inside the story which is the uniqueness of the game. Players can enjoy it both physically and realistically. Escape Rooms are decorated into different themes to meet different players’ needs- some may even contain horror elements and can be highly addictive!

New social experience

Lockin Escape Game will create a new social experience for players to enjoy with friends or new acquaintances. So players, be ready and use your detective’s mind and your powers of deduction to escape!
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