Escape Game Alien, iLocked. Nottingham.
Escape Game Alien, iLocked. Nottingham.
Escape Game Alien, iLocked. Nottingham.

Escape Game Alien

Players 2—5 players
Age Age restriction 14+
Time 60 min. to complete

About the game Alien

The year is 2224. The space shuttle Antaeus is on its way from the planet Next to Earth. But some unknown biomaterial has been detected on board: aliens! The ship's self-destruct system has been activated. The team's task is to destroy the xenomorphs and prevent a disaster. Players have to run through the spaceship's numerous modules, learning about space technology on the way, while trying to beat off the aliens lying in wait for them.

Photos escape game Alien


Address escape game Alien

Nottingham, Marco Island, Huntingdon Street, NG1 1AT

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